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Linguistic studies paved its way quite differently just like the other disciplines as a result of developments in information technologies. ‘Natural Language Processing’ (NLP) studies, which have transformed to an engineering field today, have started decades ago in West. Although studies conducted with this purpose have increased their momentum for the last decade in Turkey, creation processes of corpus have been observed as main issues to be researched in the field.

This field is also called as computer based language/linguistics studies on a language platform. This platform is safe and fast accessed particularly in lexicology and syntax studies with the purposes that determine the use of language, reveal the frequent structures and their uses for teaching first and second language etc.
The aim of this project is to present the relationship between the lexemes labelled as adjectives and lexemes labelled as nouns in CTD via a corpus based instruction. Thus, the syntactic and semantic features of adjectives and nouns which are widely used in all languages and particularly Turkish will be identified.
The expected results under the light of the project’s aim are as follows:

1. The relation of adjectives, which are included in CTD with nouns and their semantic features, will be identified. On condition that it is required, new definitions to adjectives’ in-word explanations will be added via attaching importance to the adjectives’ semantic aspects in corpus. Hence, the corpus-based documentation of adjectives included in CTD will be presented.
2.  When the relationship between adjectives and nouns is considered, their coexistence in a sentence will be taken as a basis for coherence. Also, syntagmatic adjective and noun collocations will be revealed. Thus, the concept areas of adjective-noun and noun-adjective relations will have been identified. For instance, the list of nouns used with adjectives like beautiful, heavy, and etc. will be made. In that sense, the concept maps of Turkish created through adjective-noun and noun-adjective relations will be comprised.
3. Nouns and adjectives will be shown as listed in indexes and general frequency indexes as frequency-based with this project which puts forward the use of aspects based on adjective-noun relation in terms of teaching Turkish as first and second language. Thus, the use of aspects which exists basis on adjective-noun relation within teaching Turkish as first and second language have been determined as frequency based, besides frequency of adjectives’ uses and their priorities in teaching language, frequency of nouns’ uses and their priorities in teaching a language will be determined.
4. Basic data will be compiled for Turkish collocation dictionary.
5. Moreover, a great deal of data for adjectives, nouns, collocations and corpus-linguistics in Turkish will be identified, and this data will be presented for other researchers’ use via virtual environment. 



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